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        Thank you for your interest in Arctic Dreams Fine Arts and the work of Anthony "Rusty" Zarbo.

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        With the exception of the image "Internet Explorer" copyright owned by Microsoft or any other previously registered image of this same sort, all images are the exclusive property and copyright of Anthony "Rusty" Zarbo, Arctic Dreams Fine Arts, and the Mark Stone Foundation. Rev. Dr. Adelmo P. Dunghe, S.J. retains the copyright to the individual poems belonging to his children's poetry collection as well as the collection as published, "Windowed Worlds" . A viewer is otherwise authorized to print off an image from this site for personal enjoyment.

        Arctic Dreams Fine Arts has had a long gestation. Mr. Zarbo is grateful to his many friends and supporters that have come together to form the Mark Stone Foundation.
        The name "Arctic Dreams" was chosen as Mr. Zarbo was looking for a set of words that would capture the color phenomena of the Arctic regions, this spectrum as well as that of the Caribbean being a favorite of Mr. Zarbo's. It's in the blues, the translucencies and the transparencies, the diaphanous aurora borealis, the sweet turquoise of the icebergs meeting the frigid salty waters, the blue green chrysoprase meets the light purples of Aruba...
        Mr. Zarbo has been painting, drawing and working on various crafts since those first few years as a baby, his first drawing, a birthday cake, having been done caveman style on his bedroom wall. Over the years, his work has been exhibited at several sites.
        The visitor to this site will also see a strong affection, even allegiance to Turtle Islander** themes in beadwork and other disciplines. Mr. Zarbo is not Native American but has since his childhood been one who is strongly attracted to the indigenous cultures of North America and simply feels a calling to the several art forms associated with the material culture of the people. He shares an especial attraction to the history, language, and arts designs of the Dakota/Nakota/Lakota, the Crow, the Ojibwe or Annashinabe, and the Iroquois Nation. His appreciation for Cape Dorset Inuit and Northwest Coastal people's aesthetics was discovered during his stay in Minnesota. 
        Through the 1980's and 1990's Mr. Zarbo worked little on any art or craft and has only recently returned to a full range of disciplines in fine arts. However, despite the decades of dearth, after creating two large beaded belts
* in the 1990's he approached the curator of the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. The curator's response to Mr. Zarbo's belts was, "Don't sell them. They're worth more than the new T.V. or the trip. Complete ten of these and come back. A museum wants to see an artist's oeuvre and not just one or two samples. These would be great to see in a large set over time."

        Know that each main page and many sub pages include histories and details about the particular genre or piece. If a word or set of words is underlined or in a lighter color, it leads to a link.  Likewise, each image on each main page is able to be viewed in closer detail. Simply click on the image. Once finished with viewing, "x" it off your screen. This detail viewing capability includes the letters from Marcel Jean, so designed to permit art lovers and researchers to read more of his work.
        Purchases may be made through request by clicking on the customer service contact link below. Payments are accepted in personal or cashier's cheque and one is asked to kindly wait at least 10 days for cheque clearance. All work is sent post and packaging free and in those cases where requested or deemed in the best interest of all parties, the object will be insured to full value at no expense to the purchaser.
        Arctic Dreams will ship anywhere in the world. 

* The Québec Belt

* The Belt of October 13th  

** Turtle Islander, an indigenous inhabitant of Turtle Island, and the title Turtle Island are the recognized indigenous peoples' name for North and South America and its inhabitants.