While the "Windowed World" prints were coming to a close, there were perhaps only two to three more poems to illustrate, Anthony "Rusty" Zarbo took considerable pleasure in creating parallel editions. Imagine as you look at these multiples of the simple tiles an edition of 125 or so spread to dry before you. The only image that comes to mind is the brilliance of fish scale or bird feather patterns, with a seemingly fixed pattern graduating or dilating across a surface - the effect is indeed electric.
        Mention must be made of John Bednarchik, Mr. Zarbo's High School arts teacher who introduced him to a full range of silk screen stencil techniques above and beyond the curricular requirements of the day.

The San Francisco Tile
         Buffalo, New York
              The Polish Tile
After creating this glue stencil on the silk screen, the culture that seemed the most represented in this motif was the Polish. Considering the strong influence of Polish culture on Buffalo, New York, this is hardly
                         a surprise. 

The Egyptian Coin
 to Mar Penner Griswold
 no 162/183
         Buffalo, New York