Homage to the Spirit of the Forests
          Aruban Sea Grape branch, coral,
       11/o and 13/o Czech and Japanese beads,
       19th century white heart trade beads,
       Caique parrot feathers, white deer skin, synthetic sinew


  Homage to the Spirit of the Forests
 Beaded branch inspired by the animated film,
               Princess Mononoke
    "The music, the imagery, the story line of the full-length animated movie created by the artists of  Studio Ghibli, Princess Mononoke, stunned me from the first viewing," states Anthony Zarbo with his typical enthusiasm. He continues during this interview about the piece, "The quality of the animated cells is easily of the same caliber as any Japanese wood block series, with the great pleasure that it is all moving. It really rains on the rocks, smoke rises from the chimneys, and grasses and flowers bloom at the very hooves of the Spirit of the Forests."
    "The musical score by Joe Hisaishi is equally great. The fullness of the melodies parallels the perfumes and moist odors of a great woods. The film and the music are inseparable. "