Life Forever
        colored pencil, magic-marker,
Chinese chop ink
                 5.2" x 8.4"

Buffalo, New York
    The Life Forever drawing is from a fairly strong mystical religious period in the life of Anthony Zarbo which had been deeply impacted by the writings of St. John of the Cross made known to Anthony Zarbo through the painting by Salvador Dali, "Hallucination of Christ of St. John of the Cross". *
    The Chinese chop seal carved with the character of "loong" or dragon was carved by the Chinese artist Sik-Yee Wong, the owner and framer of the now closed Toronto Chinese arts gallery and supplies store Karwah Art Gallery on Dundas Street. The gallery has been closed since at least 2006 as Mr. Wong has decided to retire from the shop. His was the only in greater Toronto that sold Chinese artists' supplies and chops direct from Beijing. He was a man of great courage, faith and drive.
    For Mr. Zarbo, the loong character was the symbol of spontaneity and the lightning power of good.    
    Above the character are the Seven Stars recorded in the New Testament's Book of Revelation:1:20
    To the lower right are the three crosses of Gethsemane. The spirit of the drawing is one that defends that love is the great power over all things, and that love is life itself. 
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