Fleur de Lys Maat is the final painting, the drawing from
which several photocopies were made. The copies were
used as various color workups with the fleur de lys motif. An example is the "Fleurs de Lys" mixed media image on this site.
    This painting is dedicated to Alexandria, Egypt. After a drive crossing the city, the cab driver brought me into central Alexandria passing a large, beautiful, pink stone fountain, telling me the word for fountain in Arabic, a word soon enough forgotten.
    Having a cappuccino at a small Alexandrine café, I was surrounded by young men that were telling me how to say all the numbers, tell time, and how to ask for more water in Egyptian Arabic.
    "Water - maa", the manager said, quickly adding, "well, that's not really nice. It should be 'maat' ". The word "maat" is painted in Arabic in the lower right region of the painting. Each fleur de lys is multiple layers of 24k gold.
    Thank you to Bill Adair of the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C. for introducing me to gold leafing.


Fleur de Lys Maat
gouache, 24k gold leaf on Arches watercolor paper
                        framed in Sedona with a raw silk and 23k gold leaf frame
  7" x 7"